The Author : a fossilised ocean creature cruelly cast ashore after a 45 year career at sea. 

Graham enjoyed a maritime career lasting forty four years. He really did ‘run away to sea on freighters’ in early 1960 at the age of seventeen. After years serving on foreign-going ships he changed careers to become a Bay of Islands cruise, fishing and ferry skipper.

From his many and varied experiences he has compiled a selection of lighthearted, autobiographical stories designed to both entertain and inform.

‘The Road to Smellibait Beach’   New Zealand fishing tales plus Ocean Adventures : 2016, available now.

-‘The Woman Who Saved Kiwis’   nature conservation For The Love of Birds :  2017, available now.

– ‘Voyage of the Golden Lotus’   an eyewitness account of a truly remarkable ocean adventure in a purpose-built Chinese junk, the most unusual sailing craft to ever visit New Zealand: 2018, available now.

‘Notes from a Skipper’s Logbook’ , an account of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. 5 editions 1985-92.
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