Author Graham Clifford offers three books, available off this website. 

Readers who enjoy fishing will identify with the 34 amusing, illustrated stories drawn from Graham’s life-long association with fish and fishing. Few writers can claim amongst their experiences a personal account of the capture of a 1,000 pound marlin measuring nearly five meters in length as readily as the single handed taking of 10,000 flounder under a licence to sell, or the casual catch of table fish for family dining. Graham recounts such things in ‘The Road to Smellibait Beach.’ It’s time to bait up!

Nature conservation and a love of birds is the theme of ‘The Woman Who Saved Kiwis.’ This is an anecdotal presentation taken for the most part from Graham’s life experiences, presented with warmth and sincerity. 

In ‘Voyage of the Golden Lotus’ why not journey back in time to join the young crew of a sound and seaworthy Chinese junk to test the moods of three oceans and seven seas? The year is 1961. You will start your adventures in Hong Kong and end at Auckland, NZ; weather-tanned, matured in self reliance and wise to the ways of the sea.

Good reading !